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Plastic Products development

The development of a product is divided into 4 phases Study of materials, Analysis of the applicable regulations, Design, Industralisation.It blends the understanding of your customers’ needs, the enhancement of their experience regarding those needs, and the transformation of that idea into something tangible made of plastic.

Plastic Products design

Plastics versatility can meet almost any requirement from designers and customers. Also, their lightweight, durability, and versatility in color, touch, and shape give tremendous marketing advantages. It also worth to mention that plastic is an accessible material to work and mold. It has a low production cost, a low density, is waterproof, an excellent electrical insulator, good thermal insulation, and resistance to corrosion and many chemical factors.

Plastic injection & blow mold and machine installation

Typically, blow molding is designed to produce hollow, singular containers, such as bottles. On the other hand, injection molding is used to produce solid pieces, such as plastic products. Press the injection button to fire the material into the mold. Remove the mold from the injection machine and remove the part after the mold is cool enough to handle. Keep the heaters on so you don’t have to wait. Put the mold back into the injection molder and repeat the process.

Blow Molding