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At Ela plastotech, we constantly refine our manufacturing methodologies to offer innovative moulds that save energy, time and raw materials. We can submit the product samples within 10 days.

We have expertise in designing and engineering both single and multi-cavity moulds, besides making prototypes. All our moulds combine traditional craftsmanship with visionary technology, providing solid ROIs.

Consulting and Design

While we have the latest design software and modelling machines, what sets us apart is our understanding of the processes and our lateral approach towards design. Precisely why we’re able to create accurate designs and production models swiftly and efficiently.


From single cavity moulds for lower volumes to multi-cavity moulds for high-volume parts, we are equipped and ready for any challenge. Depending on a client’s needs, we can offer the greatest value with our mould manufacturing, taking into account lower upfront costs, minimal long-term maintenance and overall superior quality.

Mould support services

We provide preventive maintenance and refurbishment services. Our mould makers and in-house repair team offer intelligent, creative solutions to any technical issues that may arise.


CNC Machining

We use state-of-the-art CNC machines in our manufacturing division. Our design solutions are networked with all CNC machines, which allows us to provide a seamless flow of information and repeatability. Our production equipment includes CNC milling machines, EDM machines and wire EDMs.

Conventional Machining

We are the leaders in the mechanical service industry with over three decades of experience in machining and fabricating mechanical components. Our conventional machining facilities and the infrastructure of our machine shop enables us to handle a wide range of repair and re-conditioning of mechanical components from every industry.