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Ela plastotech Nigeria limited

Ela plastotech nigeria limited is a complete manufacturing company. We make pp, pet , hdpe and other products with more than 50 employees and we supplies All types of pet , pp , hdpe packaging products ,House hold products and Plastic injection and blow mold.
We Profoundly Thank our Most Valuable and Astonishing Customers for the unbelievable support, We always pledge you to afford Deep-rooted Satisfaction. We are capable of Plastic Products development Plastic Products design, plastic injection & blow mold and machine installation

We are starting in kano Nigeria

High Performance Capabilities

Plastic Products development

The development of a product is divided into 4 phases Study of materials, Analysis of the applicable regulations , Design , Industralisation .

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Plastic Products design

Plastic product design is a¬†multidisciplinary professional task. It blends the understanding of your customers’ needs the enhancement of their experience regarding those needs.

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Plastic injection & blow mold and machine installation

Blow molding is designed to produce hollow, singular containers, such as bottles. On the other hand, injection molding is used to produce solid pieces, such as plastic products.

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What We do

Providing Full Range of High Services Solution

New Plastic injection and blow mold supplies, All types of plastic injection and blow mold maintenance , Complete Plastic manufacturing company setting up, All types of plastic injection and blow mold maintenance & modifications.

24 hours customer service

We can arrange and provides with the comprehensive service 24 hourse.

Life long support

We have 10+ years of experience to provide excellent services.